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NorCal Estate Sale Services is a Bonded & Insured estate liquidation company that conducts  Estate Sales, Online Auctions, Estate Buy-Outs & Liquidation Services in Northern California tailored to each clients needs. 

There are no up front fees. We pay all expenses and are reimbursed from the proceeds of the Estate Sale or Auction proceeds. Our fees are based on a percentage of the proceeds of the liquidation sale and vary depending on the location, size and condition of the estate.

We are professional & sensitive to all situations.  No matter the size of the estate, large or small our goal is to maximize the value of a personal estate while minimizing the efforts of the family, executor, or conservator. 

Our diligent & up to date approach to estate liquidation & estate sales leaves the property broom clean in a timely manner after generating maximum revenue for all parties involved.

We have built our reputation on hard work, efficiency, honesty, integrity, flexibility, and we are known throughout Northern California.

  • Our service on begins with a tour of the estate with members of the family, the Executor, Conservator, or a designated Trusted Witness. We will secure the residence if necessary.

  • We take a comprehensive inventory of all items in the residence, make an evaluation of the contents and submit a plan of action to the appropriate party.  We will also take digital photographs of all the rooms and selected individual items for insurance, security, and liquidation purposes.

  • Liquidation & Sales: There are many ways to liquidate personal property, each estate is different it may be large or small,  we will tailor a plan to our clients' needs and desires. We have an extensive network of  buyers throughout our service area.  We utilize all of our resources when conducting an Estate Sale or Auction. 

  • Estate Buy-Out: - In the event we are unable to hold a sale at the estate or you do not wish to have an Estate Sale Onsite. We offer Estate Buy Out option. We buy all the contents of the estate including the trash leaving the residence broom clean.
  • OnSite Estate Sales: are  open to the public, we clean the residence and items in preparation for a 2-3 day onsite estate sale or auction event.

  • Preparation time depend on the estate size and condition. On average 2-3 weeks. After professionally staging the for-sale items in attractive displays and making sure each item is priced appropriately, we will then advertise the estate sale through Local classified ads, the internet, our own personal Email list of contacts & our Website.

  • Broom Clean:  We sweep the floors from wall to wall, pickup a loose debris, wipe down counter, leaving the property broom clean. 
  • Upon the conclusion of our services, we will present the appropriate party with a complete inventory report and amount items sold for.  A complete record is available for legal purposes pertaining to the estate. 

  • Vehicles: Vehicles, including automobile, boats, watercraft, trailers can all be sold through the estate liquidation.

  • Pets: NorCal Estate Sales works with 

  • Contact us: Robert at 530-366-1659 with any questions or to schedule an appointment