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Often times you may not have enough items to conduct an estate sale or a sale is not permitted because of the location, or you don't wish to have one.
What may take a family member weeks or months to clean out a home, NorCal Estate`s staff works efficiently and usually has the job done within a week or less.
We specialize in homes that have years of accumulation on the property. The thought of trying to rid a home of these items is not only overwhelming, but emotional exhausting and daunting.
 We can clean the Estate out in 1 Day if needed.
When we are finished we sweep the floors, wipe down the counters leaving the estate broom clean.
We conduct several Buy Outs / Estate Clean Outs per year.

When you contract NorCal Estate Service to conduct an Estate Clean Out or Buy Out, we will:

Evaluate the estate contents, determine if there are any items of value, cost of removal of unwanted items & debris.

Our goal is to get the property & estate cleaned up and "ready for the market" while making sure all deadlines are met.

If there are items of value, we can buy out the entire contents trash & all.  

Arrange for donation any left over useful items to local charity of your choice.

Provide detailed list of items donated, their value and receipt.

Ensure all Out Buildings/Sheds are cleaned out.

Remove any and all debris. 

Broom clean the home, meaning floors are swept,  counters are wiped down. 

Any personal items such as photos, family documents, etc. we always set aside for family members.

Trusted Partner

Helping Our Community

We work with several recycle companies to dispose of property debris such as abandon cars, old farm equipment, metal piles.
We are relied upon by a diverse group from estate executors, administrators, guardians, and courts to attorneys, relatives and individuals. NorCal Estate Service understands how sensitive estate liquidation can be, and we will be there through every step of the process.

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